ULTRA series

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  • Farba: Akord Jive Hnedé
  • Farba: Akord Jive Hnedé contrast
  • Farba: Akord Jive Zelená
  • Farba: Akord Jive Šedé
  • Farba: Akord Jive Červené
  • Farba: Sonata Samba Čierna
  • Farba: Sonata Samba Hnedé
  • Farba: Sonata Samba Zelená
  • Farba: Sonata Samba Šedé
  • Farba: Sonata Samba Červené
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SHINGLAS ULTRA - single-layer roofing shingles of the highest quality. Roofing shingles ULTRA are produced of SBS-modified bitumen which provides the necessary flexibility, increases resistance. Series ULTRA are offered in an extensive range of colours. Due to it‘s enhanced elasticity it is the best choice for very complex configuration roofs.
Rez Akord Jive Sonata Samba
Akord Jive, Sonata Samba
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